It's that time of year again.  Not quite wedding season, which is the desperate rush as you realise that wedding invite you received so many months ago that you thought was far in the future, is actually getting closer and closer with every passing day.

Your thoughts move to practical matters.  What are you supposed to wear?  Will the standard black suit you've had since your first job interview cut it?  And, pressingly, will it still fit?  Sighing, this is the moment you dig out the invite that was hastily pinned to the board so long ago and its now under all sorts of other paperwork, and you really look at it.  You realise the depth of your mistake.  This wedding invite is handmade to high specifications of the bride.  There are various bits and pieces contained within it too, detailing all the various regulations one must follow for everything from gift giving to parking at the church, what colours are forbidden lest they clash, as well as the latitude and longitude of the reception venue.  No.  The old suit probably won't cut it.

What on earth do you wear to a wedding these days anyway?

Never fear!  The Men's Gift Company is here!  And we have a few tips to help you strike just the right note.

Firstly, you need to ascertain what type of wedding you will be attending.  There are a few ways to do this.  If it doesn't say on any of the literature on the invitation itself, the safest way is to ask.  We do NOT recommend you ask the bride!  Check with the groom, in a casual way.  This way you don't have to let on that you haven't thought about the most special day of his life in the six months since you've had the invitation!  A simple enquiry about what the wedding party are wearing will do nicely.  Check this information against the location of the venue (isn't Google brilliant?!) and you should be able to get an accurate idea about the type of outfit required of you.

In our experience, wedding outfits for men can be broken down into three main categories:

Relaxed,  Smart/Modern and Formal



Most likely, you had a feeling this would be the case.  Not that relaxed weddings aren't planned with military precision and fine attention to detail, but the bride and groom will most likely be a fairly affable and informal sort.  Often held outdoors or in a unusual setting, this is where your location scouting will come in.  For beach weddings, consider lightweight fabrics and colours, such as natural linens.  For accessories, you will probably want to  think about small statement pieces that can be removed easily.  For instance a hat and a pair of cufflinks can help smarten up a loose cotton shirt, linen trousers and flip flops for a beach wedding, whilst also shading your eyes so you aren't squinting in the photos and not adding another layer in the (hopefully!) blistering heat.



Most weddings will be of this type.  This is a more traditional wedding, where you will be expected to look smart but not in a complete change to your normal style.  A smart, business-like suit is the call of day here, but remember to style it up.  A waistcoat and a pocketwatch are a dapper and easy way to put this extra effort in.  Alternatively, why not choose a familiar cut of suit but in a different fabric?  Maybe something in a more flamboyant colour or sheen?



Oh, this one's tricky for a guest! Often with a wedding happening in a stately home or castle, the wedding party will be wearing the full top hat and tails regalia.  That's lovely for them, but they get it all laid out on a plate for them with fittings or rentals all organised!  Although you aren't wedding party, you still need to fit in with the theme, right?  Well, yes, but there are easy ways to blend in, without looking like the friend who got bitter about not being best man! Try a smart suit, but spend a little money on a smooth silky cravat and an ornate cravat pin. This will give the de rigueur old fashioned, formal charm, without spending a fortune on a whole new outfit.

We hope we've given you some ideas to dress well for every wedding you might encounter this season.  We'd love to hear how you styled yourself for the wedding of the year,lLet us know by leaving a comment below or catching up with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest.

Post By Sadie