David Beckham has been making headlines again this week, unveiling his latest fashion collection for Belstaff.  This uber-stylish selection of rough-and-ready, road-worn leather goods got us thinking...

When did David Beckham turn into a style mage?  

We thought we'd look back at his style to see when, and more importantly how, this transformation came about.

Aw, the innocence of youth!  This is David Beckham circa 1995, just as his football career was taking off, and before anybody knew the phenomenon that was about happen.  A career and celebrity that transcends the football world was about to be born.  This particular look isn't bad per-se, young, floppy-haired and achingly 90s, but it was the 90s! No, the fashion clangers must be elsewhere in the depths of Beckham's fashion past...



Oh!  Yep there it is!  This 'look' might have been David's first attempt at leather by the looks of things, it's a shame it appears to have all the quality of a market stall knock-off that Del-Boy would be proud of.  And matching with the missus too?  Head to toe?  Brave or stupid?  You decide.



Now we're getting it!  This is the infamous 'faux hawk' era.  A hairstyle that did for men what 'the Rachel' did for women.  Thousands of copies were inspired up and down the country.  The dress sense too is getting better, a fine suit, lightly accessorised with masculine jewellery and a messy pocket square which is devil-may-care and sassy.  We know better is to come though...



A casual look this time, but one that is just as styled as a smart evening look.  Note the use of accessories is still extremely prevalent.  The leather belt is of fine quality, the shades are artfully draped at the neck to create a V neck that is more flattering than its crew counterpart, a slouchy beanie hat and layered bracelets.  This is the fashionable Beckham that we are treated to these days.



The Beckham as we know and love him.  A sartorial elegance that you wouldn't think possible from that highlighted teen from 1995.  He still knows how to accessorise with class and flair, note the tie slide and the crisp pocket square, and his hair is still artfully arranged to suit the occasion.  It is a big transformation from his humble and sometimes disastrous fashion beginnings, but it is one that we can all learn from.


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Post By Sadie