The olympic games run for less than a month every four years, and yet a single competition will yield dozen of life-defining moments for countless athletes. This fact is what makes the event so meaningful to so many, and at Men’s Gift Company, we want to help you give someone special everything they need to celebrate the much-anticipated Rio Olympics - regardless of where you’ll be enjoying the contests this August.

We can’t think of any other way to start, than by supplying team GB with an essential set of quality men’s gifts. Whether he wants to support the UK as a whole with a pair of Union Jack cufflinks, or share his support with the appropriate flags and symbols for England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, there’s a range of different intricate options to go with.

It’s worth noting that the 2016 Rio Olympics will mark the first time rugby sevens will be played, and after the hugely exciting Rugby World cup last year, it’s sure to be a major attraction of the summer games. Therefore our rhodium plated cufflinks and tie clip are an appropriate choice of men’s gift; brandished with a rhodium plated rugby ball with quality detailing.

We can’t of course forget the most popular Olympic sports. Track and field still defines the competition, and whether your significant runner is a sprinter or long distance runner, our sport trainer cufflinks will help him go the distance whilst watching this most important of contests. Rowing meanwhile ranks just under swimming as the third most watched olympic sport, and considering team GB sits just under the U.S. and Germany in the medal table, it’ll definitely be something he’ll want to enjoy with his Rowing Oar Blade cufflinks close by. Finally, golf is making its grand debut this year, bringing in a whole new audience and plenty of opportunities to brandish our large range of men’s golf gifts.


The olympics can be testing time for a couple whose ancestry and support belongs to opposite countries. To ensure your spirited competition doesn’t develop into a bitter rivalry, you can always show your respect for your gentleman’s opposing team. Our range of Rio Olympics men’s gifts includes cufflinks, tie clips and even braces that brandish the colours of the game’s most touted competitors. Whether he will be cheering for Italy, France or Australia, you can make sure he’s appropriately patriotic at his place of work...or, you could always give him your country’s colours to wear!

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Post By Nicole Sage