You may have noticed recently that a lot of snow has fallen across the UK, quite a lot in fact! Down here in Devon we haven’t seen as much as the rest of the country, but we’ve had a fair sprinkling over the past week. Winter is still definitely here, and I don’t know about you, but I always struggle trying to balance style and comfort when the thermometer plummets. If I indulged my super practical self, I’d be walking around all winter with an Arctic explorers red coat, bulbous insulated gloves and a ridiculous hat. Which is why I rarely indulge my super practical self. Below, I’ve listed a few ideas to still keep you nice and toasty in this cold weather, but without looking like you’ve wandered off a fell in the Lake District. We can do smart and stylish all year round.

Forget those walking gloves which make your hands look triple their size. Keep your hands warm this winter with a pair of sheepskin or leather gloves, much more sophisticated and still fantastic at keeping your hands warm. Our Dark Brown Sheepskin Gloves go with any outfit, and look just as good with a smart suit coat as they do with casual weekend wear. Their soft interior makes them as comfortable as they are stylish.

Of course, no winter attire would be complete without a scarf. Channel European style with one of our smart striped scarves, available in a selection of colours to suit your wardrobe or your fancy. Our aptly named Winter Striped Scarf goes with almost any outfit, with blacks and muted greys. Or, try our Executive Scarf or Autumn Scarf to add a splash of subtle colour to your outfit.


For a cheeky winter warmer, we also have a range of hip flasks, sleek and perfect for carrying around on those bitter days when your insides need a bit of warming up too (we won’t tell anyone).

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Post By Francesca