Yes, we know that Christmas isn’t quite over and done with yet, but in our experience there are two types of people; those that love Christmas, and those that love New Year.  Obviously there is some overlap, but it does seem to be that the celebrations of New Year resonate more with some people.

New Year parties are a different beast than Christmas parties.  New Year is definitely a blow out, a time to celebrate the year and usher in the next.  Showier, louder and altogether more raucous than their Christmas counterparts, New Year parties are a time to have fun.

So what essentials do we recommend for New Year?


Fun Cufflinks


New Year is a time for fun and laughter, so you can afford to go a little silly with some novelty cufflinks.  We have a great selection of Novelty Cufflinks at Men’s Gift Company, with themes to represent your job, hobby or even the naughtier side of your personality.




Often a more casual event, consider leaving the tie at home and opening that neckline to reveal a bit of sparkle in the form of one of our range of Necklaces for Men.  Designed especially for the modern man, these will really offset your outfit and keep your look up to date.


Wash bag


You will not get a taxi home on New Year, so the likelihood is you will be sleeping near to your party venue, which is often away from home.  Whether it is a friend’s couch or a B&B, you can help yourself to feel a lot more human the next morning by packing a wash bag with your toothbrush, some shower gel and a few other bits from home to help you feel clean and refreshed after the previous night's excesses.  It is a good idea to secrete some paracetamol and a sachet of your favourite brand of coffee in there too!


Travel Bag

bagAlong the same lines, you’ll want a bag with a change of clothes for the morning too.  Nobody wants to be seen making their way home in the morning wearing the same crumpled outfit from the night before.


From all of us at Men’s Gift Company – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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