The Autumn has arrived, and even though the weather is currently telling a different story, it won't be long until the colder weather starts to set in and we can warmly welcome the arrival of cosy scarves and chunky knit jumpers. We promise we're not being the warmer weather scrooge, but there is something exciting about getting the Autumn/Winter wear back out of the wardrobe and investing in some key seasonal pieces. One staple and transitional piece for the colder months is the scarf, it's cosy, keeps you warm and can be used for more than just the obvious purpose. Not only does it have the ability to beautifully finish off an outfit, it can be incorporated into your outfit in more ways than one. So grab your scarf and discover 5 ways to style your men's scarf in time for winter!

#1. Classic Drape

It wouldn't be right if we didn't start it off with wearing your scarf the most common way, the classic drape. This is the simplest way to to wear a scarf, it doesn't provide warmth around the front of your neck, but it does help to add a stylish element to any outfit. It's easy to do it, simply hang the scarf around your neck with both ends of an even length.

#2. Loop Through

A popular choice with both men and women, the loop through method is a fuss free choice that keeps the whole neck area warm and cosy, perfect for heading to those meetings and popping into town for lunch. For the loop through method, fold the scarf in half and bring it around your neck, with the loose end thread this through the loop that has been created and pull it tight. It helps to add a clean look to any outfit whether that's a suit or a sweater and jeans combo.

#3. Drape Around

A fuss free and stylish choice, the drape around method looks laid back and well put together at the same time. You can create this look in a few seconds flat by draping the scarf around your neck, being careful to leave one length shorter than the other. Then wrap the longer end loosely round your neck one more time. This can be adjusted accordingly to suit the way you like it. Perfect for wearing with some jeans, t-shirt and cardigan for a laid back look. This is one of the best ways to wear a scarf if you want additional warmth underneath a coat.

#4. Straight Forward

For an elegant and studious look, the straight forward scarf method is an ideal choice, it looks smart and can be adapted accordingly to be worn with any outfit. This involves the scarf being draped around the neck and wrapped over each length slightly at the bottom. This can be worn underneath a blazer or worn over the top for a stylish finish.

#5. Off The Shoulder 

This classic style is a must have look for gentleman. Achieve a flawless, fuss free finish in next to no time by draping the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other. Then grab the slightly longer end of the scarf and let it hang over your opposite shoulder. A style adopted by people all over the world, it's stylish, cosy and offers the perfect level of chic!

The scarf is the best defence against the cold this winter that oozes style and simplicity, why not try each scarf wrapping style this winter to accessorise your outfit a little bit different each time! For future posts, keep an eye on the Men’s Gift Company Facebook page or follow us at@MensGiftCompany.

Post By Nicole Sage