Having watched the friendlies, participated in sweepstakes and listened to all the building hype, we are getting pretty excited about the start of World Cup 2014 in Brazil tomorrow!  We realise that, with the exception of a certain few, footballers don't get too many column inches for their sense of style.  But on the pitch, the strip they wear is created by years of design and planning, so it must be good? Right?


And we have the photographic evidence of the ultimate worst in football kits created for the World Cup in recent history right here.  The Men's Gift Company present for your amusement; our Top World Cup Kit Fails.


West Germany 1990

A kit that looks more than a little like the designer did a pretty good job, then got mocked by his friend for not doing anything innovative, so just added some stripes of marker pen in the red, black and gold of the German flag.

South Africa 1998

Bright green, bright yellow, optic white, deep black  And stripes.  Brilliant.  And lets arrange the stripes in an almost rib cage-like fashion so that all the colours are right there together.  Genius.

Germany 1994

That's right, they didn't quite learn from the previous kit in 1990!  In fact, they thought adding garish geometric patterns into the mix and extending the design onto the shorts as well would set off this World Cup kit perfectly.

Cameroon 2002

Sometimes, a designer wants to push the boundaries.  We respect that.  And we actually don't mind the look of this vest-style kit. But FIFA didn't like it one bit.  Ordering the Cameroon team to put sleeves on it.  Which was hastily done, but it did somewhat ruin the look.


South Korea 2002

Well.  Somebody wasn't afraid of bright colours when designing that! The South Korea team made it through to the semi finals too.  Reports of damage to the opposing teams' vision hindering their performance have been greatly exaggerated.

Japan 1998

Spare a thought for the long suffering goalkeepers out there.  Often chucked into the most garish kit available.  This flaming hot example from the France 1998 World Cup will go down in history (and hopefully stay there).

Mexico 1998

That's right.  A green shirt with the grimacing face of an aztec god printed across the whole thing.  We think maybe it was supposed to scare the opposition into submission?

USA 1994

It's not often you see a football kit trying to imitate the colour and texture of stonewashed denim.  And with massive, stretched stars across it too.  Bravo USA, this one looks like it came straight out of Back to the Future, but for us it can stay in past, thanks.

 Mexico 1994

We'd say you have to feel for Jorge Campos, but he actually designed this one for himself.  Why no one with fully developed colour-vision and maybe some good taste didn't intervene, we'll never know.

Everybody in the 80s

And finally, absolutely everybody in the eighties that propagated the hotpants for footballers idea.  No footballer should be quaking like a Hollywood starlet about "wardrobe malfunctions".

But don't worry!  You don't have to fall into any of the World Cup kit pitfalls this time and can still display your support for your team.  The Men's Gift Company has created a World Cup 2014 collection full of stylish football pieces.

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