It's time to up your fashion stakes as the summer is finally here and it's all about the minimalist basics, tailored shorts and arm candy. Summer is the time to stop shying away and hiding your clothing underneath your coat and let your main garments do the talking. With every new summer season that comes around it bring another new covetable trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. But at Men's Gift Company we're all about those investment pieces that are on trend, yet are total classics that can grace your body for years to come. To help you create that capsule summer wardrobe this year that can be brought out year upon year, here are 5 summer staples for men that you just can't be without this year!

#1. Arm Candy

If anything sets an outfit apart or instantly adds a colour pop to a simple outfit it's a watch. You don't have to be spending £££ to invest in a high quality, timeless and trendy watch these days. Investing in a cheaper watch means that you can afford to get a couple in your collection that can be mixed and matched and co-ordinated with our outfits accordingly.

Big watch trends for this summer are mesh straps for that ultra sleek look on a wrist and quite simply minimalism, the days of big watches are over, opting for a more traditional strap with a simple time face. It's definitely less is more this summer when it comes to watches.

#2. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (or any sunglasses for that matter)

According to The Idle Man, Tortoise Shell sunglasses are going to be huge for summer 2017, and we totally agree. An iconic style that can totally tie up an outfit, and which would look fantastic worn with a pair of navy shorts and a breton stripe tee, classic and on trend. Another big trend is the return of the stylish round glasses, both as spectacles and glasses. Want to look cool and smart? A round pair of tortoise shell sunglasses will sort that out for you. But seriously, a solid pair of quality shades is what you need to be investing in this year to get the heads turning.

#3. Bomber Jacket

It may be a different story if you live in Spain, but for us, British Summertime is about the unpredictability, as you're probably all too familiar with, with the sun comes the rain and vice versa, so preparation is key for the warmer times. A bomber jacket is that simple, lightweight jacket that can be thrown on at a moments notice and not detract the attention away from your main outfit. You can't go wrong with a classic black or navy blue bomber, and if you can't decide, get one in each colour. Cool and classy.

#4. White T-Shirt

The white t-shirt is incredibly underrated. When it comes to trends we're always looking for something a bit different year upon year, but this often means that that item of clothing that is always there for you is often forgotten. The white t-shirt should be seen as the bare foundations of any outfits - it's like your boxers, you can't be without them. The best bit is it can be worn throughout the seasons, and virtually anything goes with it. It's a thumbs up from us!

#5. White Sneakers

There's nothing better than a fresh pair of white sneakers, are we right? From suits to joggers, they'll keep your feet looking fresh, whilst being fuss free and minimalist. Whether you opt for a high end or budget pair, they'll be your wardrobe to go to for years to come.

So there we have it, 5 summer staples to help your summer wardrobe go off this summer. For future posts, keep an eye on the Men’s Gift Company Facebook page or follow us at@MensGiftCompany.

Post By Nicole Sage