Grooming can be a tough subject for men.  On the one hand, it's the 21st century and it's fine to care about how you look; but on the other, you don't want to spend more time getting ready to go out than the lady in your life.  Thankfully, facial hair is one area that has been a male style staple for centuries.  Used to express the individuality of the wearer, and to create different looks for men.


However, like hairstyles, it is easy to get stuck in a rut with your beard style.  So we have produced The Men's Gift Company's Guide to Men's Facial Hair to show the options available for beards, moustaches and all forms of facial hair.


According to a widely cited study by psychologists at Northumbria University, women looking at photos of men’s faces in various phases of hair growth greatly preferred the look of some stubble.  Not only that but it reduces the regularity of shaving, which is helpful for gents with sensitive skin that may find they need a longer break to prevent shaving rash.


Full Beard

The full beard is the classic bearded look.  Relatively easy to maintain, but the growth is hugely dependent on the individual, meaning that some men may find their beard looks at little patchy in places.  This look requires occasional trimming to keep in shape, but it can get hot in summer months.



Long Beard
longbeard Generally sported by the older generation and eccentics, the long beard is very easy to maintain if your growth allows it.  Occasional trimming of the edges is preferable to keep it in shape.  This too can get quite warm in summer months, and if it gets very long it can become cumbersome, getting trapped in clothing.



Very popular at the moment, the moustache is the name given to hair above the upper lip.  It requires regular trimming, and the rest of the face must still be shaved as normal.  Some gents find that the hair touching their upper lip is unbearable, so it is usually cut to just above; although styling options abound for the moustache, with twisted, spiked and even plaited options.


Soul Patch

The soul patch found popularity in the 1950s, coming to attention on the jazz musicians and soul artists of the time.  A patch of hair under the lower lip; size, shape and even colour allow for variation of this look.  Trimming must occur regularly to keep it in your chosen shape, and the rest of the face must still remain shaven for the soul patch to take centre stage



The goatee refers to the hair on a man's chin.  This look can incorporate a moustache in line with the goatee beard, or not.  Fairly regular trimming and shaving of the underside of the chin, neck and sides of the face must still be undertaken.  This look is a wearable version of a beard, and often a first step to facial hair experimentation.


Mutton Chops

Otherwise known as sideburns, this is a very strong look that is often reserved for Movember charity challenges, eccentrics and the more venerable, older gentleman.  But fashions do have a habit of coming back around, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has raised the profile of the mutton chop.  Trimming and shaping must be undertaken to maintain this look, as well as shaving the remainder of the face.



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