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A common scenario for most men: you've gone to the barbers or salon, been given the ideal haircut, and then been further amazed by what this trained professional has done with a bit of product and their sculptor-like hands. Of course, when you get home and try to recreate this new mop, there's a less than striking difference between your attempt and theirs. Whilst most assumes this comes down to skill and training, often it's just a case of not having the right men's hair style product, or perhaps not knowing what it's actually supposed to do. In this entry of the Men's Gift Company blog, we'll guide you through the best hair styling choices that will help you get that quiff to its gravity defying height, or for that shininess to really come through.

Picking the Best Product for Your Hair

For the sake of both your money and the outcome of your hair, it's advised that, rather than simply buying up the latest designer brands and celebrity endorsed products, you take the time to understand what kind of hair you actually have. Likewise, it's worth making sure you understand the lingo used by a lot of hair care companies, and what the various types of bottles and tubs will actually claim to do. To help shorten this voyage of manly discovery, here's our rundown of the main types of hair care products and what each one does:


Now considered as much a staple to haircare as hair spray, gel is the goo for you if you want a versatile product that can go from providing a light bit of control to maximum holding power. Much like hair grease of the 50's, gel accompanies dry and damp hair to create a hold that must remain untouched at all costs.

Commonly Used Styles: Wet looks and strong holds

Best Hair Type? Short-to-medium length hair, ideally thick.


A greasy substance most people outside of the haircare world have never heard of, Pomade gives hair that wet, shiny and slick look. It's as popular with the pompadour and quiff crowd as it is with Afro-textured hair, and unlike hair spray and gel, it does not dry and can last much longer.

Commonly Used Styles: Slicked back looks and rough textured styles

Best Hair Type? Wavy, curly and thinner hair


The line between wax and pomade has diminished in recent years, yet wax still sits proudly as the haircare product of choice for those who want a hold like no other. If you have slightly oily hair, wax can also save you the greasy nastiness of other products, and when spread evenly can lead to a rock solid finish.

Commonly Used Styles: Short styles, 'messy' hair and medium hold looks

Best Hair Type? Straight, wavy thick hair at a medium length


Sometimes introduced under the banner of 'matte products', these goods will give you a dry finish that provides a textured, pliable hold but with little to no shine for those who want to avoid that wet hair look. Definitely worth trying out if you want deliberately messy looking hair, but with a noticeable softness for whoever strokes it e.g. girlfriend, her friends, your boss etc.

Commonly Used Styles: Dishevelled, longer and tousled hairstyles

Best Hair Type? Thin-to-Thicker hair and wavy hair to any length


A carry on from the 80's that is a godsend to anyone with thinner or fine hair, mousse is a foamy hair style product that coats each strand with polymers that give it a much finer level of volume. It's a surprisingly versatile substance that can create practically any desired look that's easy to manipulate with daily use, though unfortunately good mousse rarely comes cheap.

Commonly Used Styles: All sorts of styles, both short and long

Best Hair Type? Thin, fine or limp hair.

How to Apply the Right Level of Product

Once you've found a hair style product that matches your hair type, length and preferred hair style (one that has been well appraised by haircare experts), there's still the issue of knowing exactly how much to use and in what way.

Whilst most hair care products have instructions for how best to apply it, you're best off looking online for a good gentleman's guide explaining how to apply your chosen sticky substance. Wax for example, since it has the least amount of water, requires just a tiny amount applied to towel dried hair, whilst pomade needs to be equally distributed from root to tip.

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