Whether you’re young and have only just felt the first itch of facial fuzz, or are a mature adult who’s finally ready to throw out the shaving cream, it's always a good time to embrace the hair-suit of a good beard. Growing a thick beard and solid tache to match is highly rewarding, but only because it can be so difficult to get it right. For this entry of the Men’s Gift Company Blog, we’ll take you through our own tried and tested best 5 tips for growing the perfect beard, and how to groom it to your dream level of manliness.

#1. Practice Patience

Anyone who’s undertaken ‘No-Shave November’ without prior experience in beard-growing knows just how brutal the itch and irritation can be. Unfortunately this is just the tip of a furry iceburg. As your beard continues to grow, you’ll enter somewhat lengthy periods where it can look pretty embarrassing, and your desired thickness will feel like eons away. Unfortunately a beard is like a canvass that grows over time, so you’ll need to stick with it through thick and thin if you ever want to reach Darwin or Gandalf level growth.

#2. Brush it to Perfection

Part of the secret behind growing a perfect beard is helping it every step of the way, and figuring out early just what shape suits your shape and hair-thickness. The best way to do this is to brush it daily with a specially made, firm-bristled brush. A comb is ideal for training your beard in its infancy and for working in beard oil (covered in a moment), but if you want to grow out those coarse hairs the right way and avoid any knots, then a daily regime of brushing should immediately follow. Our favourite YouTube facial hair extraordinaire The Beard Baron has a superb video telling you everything you need to know on this topic, so make sure you go over there and listen to his well-groomed words of wisdom.

#3. Know your Products

We’d bet that you've heard of the many potions produced for beard-growers, and that you've probably scoffed at the idea more than once. Well, we guarantee the men who keep an extra compartment in their toiletry bag for facial hair products are the ones who know the most about growing the perfect beard.

The following should definitely be included in your arsenal:

Beard Oil – a sweet smelling substance that moistures the skin underneath, keeps it flake free and insanely soft to the touch.

Beard Shampoo – Just like the hair on your head, a good beard grows when it’s adequately washed and conditioned. However this is very different hair we’re talking about, so it’s vital you have a separate beard-centric bottle to wash in that hedge a couple of times a week.

Beard Balm – The beard equivalent of hair gel, balms are leave-in conditioners that will not only moisturize the beard and leave it with a superb scent, it also lets you style it to your liking.

Moustache Wax – Pretty much speaks for itself!

#4. Cut with Care

Know this: it’s possible to wake up hating your beard. Just as common as bad hair days, anything from stress to a lack of sleep can leave a beard in a sorry state. The important thing is not to do anything desperate, like trimming off the portions you most dislike or taking it all back a notch. The greatest phrase for growing the perfect beard is ‘when in doubt grow it out’, as once a vital pillar is gone it can take a long time to grow back. Also, whilst it’s important to learn how to cut your own beard, definitely consider a barber who specializes in facial hair to initially put you on the right path.

#5. Live a Life worthy of your Lion’s Mane!

Last but definitely not least is all the lifestyle habits that encourage the ideal beard growth. It’s of course beneficial in every other way to eat well and exercise, but a diet rich in protein, fats and vitamins (such as Vitamins B5, B3, and B9 ) and a good exercise regime can be the secret ingredient between a withered goatee and the most luscious facial hair.

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Post By Nicole Sage