Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, leaving a heaving helping of forgettable gifts among the handful of genuinely thoughtful gestures. Whether you intend to have the same special someone in a year’s time, or want to play your cards better when the opportunity rolls around next February to find a new flame, Men’s Gift Company have put together this little list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to ensure you’re not left in the ‘fun but long forgotten category’.

The full-on schmaltzy option

In general, you’re more likely to have a delightful Valentine’s Day with a fella you know quite well, rather than someone who’s basically a stranger. Knowing his personality is a winning strategy, and if you know for sure that he’s that rare breed of man that genuinely enjoys the cheesy, love-laden gifts of the holiday, then you’re in luck. These Heart & Arrow Square Cufflinks may be scoffed off by the more brutish boys, but they’ll be a welcome change for any truly sensitive guy. The same can definitely be said of our Red Heart Cufflinks – the most saccharine of Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

For the elegant romantic

More often than not, the conflict with Valentine’s Day is choosing a gift that dotes on the more dutiful nature of the holiday, yet can still retain an element of class. For a man who likes to receive gestures that compliment his sense of sophistication, you needn’t look any further than our Trinity Love Knot or Two Tone Love Knot Cufflinks; both of which are literally rooted in affection, but in a more subtle manner. That goes double for our Half Waterwave Sterling Silver Tie Bar; an office accessory that made to the finest level of craftsmanship.

A practical, loving gesture

Some men simply don’t like the idea of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are purely aesthetic – they want something they can use. We have two great options to cater this sort of chap’s taste: a bottle of delicious, pink champagne that can be engraved with a heartfelt message of your choice, or an MGC bestselling Six Piece Wine Gift Box, with Accessories, that belongs to our ever popular food and drink section.

A sexy souvenir for the holiday

Lastly, we wouldn’t be content in listing great Valentine’s Day gift ideas without indulging the holiday’s more risqué side. Sleek, subtle and yet with the slightest hint of sexiness, this ‘curved’ Rhodium Plated Tie Slide would make quite the standout ensemble when paired with our Handcuff Cufflinks. Again, for this one we probably suggest choosing a mate that you already know somewhat well!

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Post By Nicole Sage