With December here and the unseasonably warm autumn well and truly gone, we have all noticed a shift in our attire.  Have you, like us, been taking longer to get ready in the mornings?  Realising mid-way through the day that your feet could make a polar bear shiver?  Considering the logistics of driving to work wrapped in your other half's slanket?

If yes, then it's time to consider injecting some warmth into your day with our selection of Men's Winter Warmers! (and please, step away from the slanket.)

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An absolute winter essential.  Take a moment to realise the utter genius of leather gloves.  Gloves with grip!  No more slippy steering during your daily commute - much safer for all around.  And even if you are more of a wanderer, no more grabbing the gloves between your teeth to pull them off, exposing your toasty hands to the arctic air to operate a supposedly simple catch on a gate.  And sheepskin lined gloves are just perfect for those really wintery days, if you are lucky, you may even get a snow day to go out and enjoy them.

image of Black Leather Glovesimage of Tan Sheepskin GlovesScarves

If winter fashion has a redeeming feature it is the humble scarf.  There is just something about wrapping up in a scarf that is reminiscent of pulling a duvet high up around your neck, which is just so comforting on a cold, winter morning.  We also get to feel like we are in some old movie, flicking the scarf around our neck and flouncing out of the door, in a style fitting of some debonair old silver screen icon, from the era of poise and sophistication.  Admittedly it takes practice to avoid and errant bit of scarf catching your co-workers in the face, but it is fun trying...

image of Blue and Black Winter Striped Scarfimage of Classic Green Striped Scarfimage of Winter Striped Scarf


Our little bit of fun and rebellion, even under an outfit that screams enforced conformity, socks obviously stop your toes from falling off in these frostbite-inducing times but also add a little bit of personalisation and humour that only you know about.  Dreaming of rocking out on stage as the rockstar you so clearly are if only it weren't for this damned necessity for keyboard surfing to pay the bills?  Yep, check out the socks...

image of Electric Guitar Socksimage of Drum Set Socks

Hip Flask

We can't in good conscience recommend this during the day (ahem) but it's definitely true that a nip of a good tipple will get the warmth spreading through your extremities.  And in the immortal words of Penny from The Big Bang Theory... "As long as you don't feel it running down your pants you're fine."

image of 5oz Classic Black Faux Leather Hip Flask with Engraving Plateimage of English Pewter Eternal Celtic Knot Hip Flask

Keep warm out there, friends!  We will survive the winter in style together!

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