What makes a man a man? Tough question to answer. What makes a man manly? An easy question to answer. Identifying the traits of a man who sits atop the highpoint of masculinity is as simple as knowing why you shouldn't wear a poorly-fitted suit - it just kind of fits together (unlike the suit). What does remain a challenge though is finding men's gift ideas that will match the rugged exterior of your manly man, thus we've burrowed through our collection of accessories and stylish gifts to find the perfect present for the burliest of beefcakes.

Weapon-Styled Tie Slides

Full of character and profoundly heroic, these tie slides let you show off your gallantry without actually having to carry one of these dangerous devices.  Both the Two Tone Dagger Tie Slide and Rhodium Plated Rife Tie Slide feature our standard, smooth metal crocodile clips, and and feature intricate dealing that can match any sword-maker or gun smith's craftsmanship.

Manicure Sets for the Macho Metrosexual

The word manicure is something many men stray as far away from as possible. We however think the concepts of burliness and beautification can work in perfect harmony; much like using arts and crafts to make skulls and snakes all covered in glitter. To help your fine-muscled fellow reach this end we've got these fantastic manicure sets from Fancy Metal Goods. Encasing the essential cuticle tools within cool, 100% black leather, he'll learn in no time to keep all his hair and nails nicely trimmed for the sake of his manhood.

 leather manicure kit small leather case

Ideal Cufflinks for the Hard-Working Handyman

There's no better summation of manliness than a little bit of DIY! Whether it's his full time profession or a strictly home-bound hobby, any man who likes to work with a few power tools or measuring rulers deserves something appropriate to wear with his buttoned shirts. These profession themed cufflinks are novelty men's gifts for the noblest of profession, with each carrying a personal touch he'll enjoy.


Strapping Steel Men's Accessories from Hardware

Mixing solid metal with manly design, you needn't look further for manly men's gift ideas than in the excellent range from Hardware. Inspired by the men who fix, fit and flex, their choice of dog-tag style neckware and screw fitted cufflinks are hard to pass by. And, as we mentioned in our 2015 Spring Men's Fashion Trends blog, their steel bracelets are very much in line with the current drift towards 'severe' fashion statements involving high-tech carbon and metal with man-made feel to it.

 image of Steel and Black Double Dog Tag on Chain image of Hardware Rose Gold Coloured Steel Cufflinks with Screw Design image of Hardware Steel Money Clip
image of Hardware Steel and Gold Colour Braceletimage of Hardware Steel Men's Braceletimage of Hardware Steel Mesh Design Bangle

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