Though not necessarily always proportioned equally between them, at a wedding the bride and groom find themselves inundated with gifts and goods on their special day. Meanwhile, a widely overlooked custom that's no less important is the giving of something personalised to the best man and groomsmen, usually by the husband-to-be, and often in the form of a simple yet stylish accessory.

Whether that's the tradition you're trying to fulfil, or if you are a future wife, long-time mother or current partner just wanting a certain man to look his best as he fulfils his duty on this auspicious occasion, then we have two new gift-sets we think you're really going to like.

Containing a stainless steel hipflask and chrome steel-hinged pocketwatch, this giftbox from Woodford is guaranteed to convey the prfound admiration and respect you have for your best man. It doesn't matter if he's the groom's best friend, brother or father; he's the man chosen to play a key part in the ceremony and legality of marriage - and its important that he knows the honour he's been bestowed with.

Conversely, the groomsmen, or Usher as it's more commonly known here, is also accountable for his role in a wedding. Along with the best man, they form a collective group of friends that have helped shaped this fella from a boy into the man he's become and will be through the thick and thin of his marriage. Acknowledge this, with his own giftboxed hipflask and pocketwatch, which, like the best man set, features a quartz stone that can be engraved with a personal message.

Don't forget, we also have our popular range of ceremonially terrific novelty wedding cufflinks, engraveable tieslides and separately sold hipflasks and pocket watches, if you're looking for a few more cherished gifts for the men of your perfect day. You can see all of these in the Wedding Gifts collection on our site.

Post By Graham