With the advent of the our boyhood superheros coming back into our lives on the silver screen in brilliant blockbusters such as Iron Man, Batman and the X-Men, we've been casting our minds back to that simpler time a lot recently.  Before there were bills to pay and deadlines to meet.  And in this time, we recall a first superhero.  One that came into our lives long before Charles Xavier and Magneto.  And he was called Dad.

That's right, this superhero called Dad spent many an hour patrolling and guarding us against the cupboard monster, he carefully sorted out any drama with the evil Doctor Arachnid in the bath, and more importantly, he took care of all those things we never really noticed; from bringing home the food to applying Savlon to his young apprentice's near mortally-wounded knee.

As we grew older, we noticed more and more of this Superhero's strange and far-reaching abilities.  And what better day than Father's Day to celebrate them with a fabulous gift for your very first superhero?

Does Dad's superpower rest in his super speed and agility that he lets out on the pitch?  Never fear!  The Men's Gift Company has plenty of sporting gifts that are sure to please him...no matter which sport he prefers to show off his considerable gifts in...

dartcufflink football golf


Or maybe Dad is a dapper man of disguise, who quietly hides his superpowers under an exterior of an extraordinarily well-dressed gentleman of Earth, rather than the Kryptonian muscleman that we know him to be?  No problem, we've got a gift for that!

belt travel cuff


Or perhaps your Dad's superpowers lie in his tastebuds and enhanced culinary skills?  Great with distinguishing a fine wine to within a mile of where the grapes were grown or cheese according to the dairy farm?  You've guessed it, we've thought of that too!

board cheese wine


In fact, whatever the nature of your hero, we think we've got a great selection of gifts to suit!  And remember, as our last day for delivery before the big day isn't until Thursday 12th June you've still got time to decide on the perfect gift to show your appreciation for the top man himself!




Post By Sadie