We’ve been busy, but it’s now official - we have a brand new site, so welcome back! Upgrading the look of Men’s Gift Company has been a lot like refreshing a wardrobe; taking out the old, having a reorganise and adding some contemporary features that compliment everything about our unique image. We have always aimed to supply and source men’s accessories that not only stand out in an eye-catching, original and intriguing way, but also have an added personal touch. So in light of our new site launch, and if you’re a little less familiar with who we are - let Men’s Gift guide you through exactly what we do…

The concept behind Men’s Gift Company is to imagine the quintessential gentleman in the most complete form - establishing everything he could need in both a professional and a recreational environment. Across our high quality jewellery and our accessories, it’s important to us that everything we supply combines style with function. Furthermore, we believe in providing something for every milestone in a man’s life from education, through professions, hobbies birthdays and weddings - making sure a man is always prepared, whatever the occasion, is central to what we’re about.

Redesigning our website has helped us to re-imagine our image. Much like our wide array of distinctive products, by paring down our product categories we have created something smarter, more modern, more minimalist, and effortless to use - but it doesn’t stop there.

The new look also includes a mobile responsive site, making it easier for you to visit Men’s Gift on the go, so wherever you are you’ll only be a few clicks away from getting that perfect gift.

As ever, Men’s Gift believes in a customer focused experience and providing a superior quality service, which is why we continue to provide a 2 year product quality guarantee as well as 30 day returns and free delivery on orders over £30. All the perks you’d need for finding that perfectly tailored gift.

We hope that the new website manages to match style and substance as much as you’d hoped. Don’t forget, you can keep updated on Facebook and Twitter to find out all about our latest news and products!

Post By Nicole Sage