Here at Men’s Gift Company we like to keep up with the latest styles and fashions. We’ve got a number of places we follow for style tips but one of our favourites is GQ magazine. They have a fantastic section on men’s fashion and we take a few tips away every week.

This season we’ve noticed one trend in particular – everyone is suited and booted. Every week they feature the top 10 stylish men from the celebrity world and every one of them this week features a nice blazer, a stylish two piece or even a fabulous tuxedo. Now we’re not saying you should go out, buy a nice suit and some fantastic cufflinks for every occasion but tailoring is definitely in this season. So if you favour a more relaxed, slouchy style why not try something with a slimmer fit? Maybe add a blazer and some loafers to your favourite pair of chinos or wear a jacket and pocket square with some jeans.

But while tailoring is in, there is no need for this to restrict your flamboyant side. Many celebrities are matching their tuxedo with a splash of colour, whether it’s some bright socks, a stripy shirt or a bright tie. There is no reason for a smarter look to stop your personality shining through, instead just adapt it to suit you. Add a themed tie slide for an interesting but subtle twist or maybe even use a cravat as an alternative to a tie.

However you choose to interpret the smarter, preppy style this spring just promise us you’ll do one thing – make it your own!

Post By Marc