I've started trying to sort myself out for 2012 now.  None of my New Year resolutions have really been put into practice yet but I have today decided that they must begin.  The first was the infamous "shedding of a few pounds".  I have certainly piled on a bit of weight over the Christmas period and my gym membership went totally unused for the entire month of December (what a waste of money!).  However, I have promised myself that as of Monday, I am back down there working off all that turkey.  Well, I suspsect it is actually the mountains of chocolate that I ate that is responsible for my weight gain, rather than the turkey!

I'll let you know on Monday if I stick to my promise!

Another resolution that I have actually started to put into practice today, is to start rearranging the house, getting rid of the clutter and having a bit more organisation.  Don't get me wrong, I have a clean house.  It's just that over the year I tend to pick up a number of items that simply go into "storage" or get put aside and are never used.  It is time for a clear out!  It is other little problems that I want rectified too, such as I always have a pile of cuff links on my bedside table.  Over the years, I have purchased a number of pairs of cuff links and have lost the original boxes to most of them.  This means that, rather like socks, I have pairs where one often goes missing or they are simply scattered across tables and in drawers.

So, I am getting a nice little accessory case to store a few of my favourite ones in.  These cases are normally aimed at travel but I find they are great to use at home as well to keep things tidy.

Again, I'll let you know next week if I manage to actually get around to clearing everything up!

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