I am often meeting up for business.   I have meetings with all kinds of people and so have some nice little business cards printed up and always make sure that I grab a few before I head to a meeting so that I can exchange cards and ensure that the people I am meeting will all have my number and email address.

I went to a brief meeting yesterday and was running a bit late.  I knew that I already had a collection of business cards in one of my favourite suit jackets so I opted to wear that suit and jumped in my car and then tried to get to the meeting as fast as possible.

Somehow, I actually made up the time and arrived there bang on when we had agreed.  We shook hands, sat down and got straight on with business.  It all went great and at the end of the meeting (after far too much coffee!) we got up and did the inevitable shaking of hands and then everyone pulled out their business cards.  The three people I was meeting with all pulled out shiny metal business card holders and proceeded to open them in style and hand me one of their cards.  When I looked down at what I had pulled out, I saw a mixed up mess of my own cards, some upside down, some facing up and some with horrible worn corners.  It didn't look good!

So that is that.  Within a split second I suddenly remembered the importance of a business card holder.  Many years ago I had one but I broke it and just never got around to replacing it.  Well, after that meeting I can certainly tell you that I will be making a choice from our Business Card Holders section on the site.   A business card holder looks stylish and it makes sure that your cards stay in tip top condition.  If you are someone that has your own cards then don't be without one!

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