The internet has been a godsend for men when it comes to the world’s fashion & style experts. Much of their newfound ingenuity and creativity has been encapsulated within ‘the blog’; a simple yet superbly rich tool that any suit savant or artisan of accessories can shape and share as they please. Of course an overabundance of style advice, no matter how well groomed, can be problematic for weaving out the best of the bunch, so we at Men’s Gift Company have put together a list of six men’s fashion & style blogs that all definitely deserve a bookmark on every gent’s browser.

#1 Fashion Beans

Any list of men’s fashion blogs that leaves out this London based encyclopedia of gallantry is in need of serious reprimanding! Since 2009, Fashion Beans has been a never ending stream of top quality men’s guides, with topics ranging from the ins and outs of haircare to the nuts and bolts of picking a new watch. Sleek design, well written content and a potent Social Media accompaniment make this an essential for all men who value fine dress.

#2 Effortless Gent

With the amount of time and focus that goes into shaping the ideal outfit, the name of this blog makes quite the tall promise. You don’t have to browse long though to see that burden of proof met; with carefully written guides that get straight to the oft-forgot details in men’s dress. Examples of these A-grade guides include those focusing on finding the ideal suit based on your skin-tone, or a new tie that matches you collar type. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, and Effortless Gent will arm you very well.

#3 Style Girlfriend

It’s natural to feel weary about some men’s fashion & style blogs when they’re throwing a lot of promotional codes and advertorials your way. Luckily sites like Style Girlfriend bring just enough of a personal touch to the proceedings that those fears are quickly quelled. Born out of a syndicated newspaper column, not only does this blog add new ingredients to your latest outfit, there’s also extra focus put into lifestyle areas such as home decorating and men’s fitness to ensure you feel like a sir within more than just your wardrobe.

#4 Whiskey Grade

Another blog that should be a regular stopping point for anyone aspiring to be dapper, Whiskey Grade’s ‘Journal’ is a marvelous repository for everything cool in men’s fashion & style. Sharing the wild work of new and exciting start-ups to showcasing short films, these incredible articles are highly inventive, feature stellar photography and are well worth having at hand the next time you want something to share on your social media feed.

#5 Scout Sixteen

Run by freelance writer and creative consultant Justin Livingston, this passion project is a perfect reference guide for those who share the author’s passion for men’s fashion and travelling, and in particular his love of ‘whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs’. His style guides will tell you how to layer up for the Winter, where to get the best shoe brands in London and how to pack up and see the world in true manly style.

#6 The ChicGeek

This independent style magazine made for the thinking man features a groovy, geeky masked mascot in all its material - the perfect companion when navigating the wild world of men’s fashion and grooming. The featured products and styles really are something altogether different, but it’s the quirky inventiveness of the feature articles that will have you checking back regularly.

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Post By Nicole Sage