It's the 28th December and we are now in Limbo Land!  It's that awkward time that happens every year between Christmas and New Year.  A lot of people are still off work and it is hard to work out what businesses are functioning as usual and which are not.

Things are all a bit strange on the lead up to New Year and you will find yourself asking questions such as, "What time do the shops close today", "Is customer services open?", "Is John at work today?" and "Is the post being delivered?".  It's all a bit of a mess really for the next few days and nobody really knows what is going on!

For many, the next few days will be filled up with more TV and food while everybody waits for the biggest celebration of the year, New Years Eve.  Even after that there is still a few days until everything really starts to get back to normal!

Well fear not, we are open for business and functioning as normal over this "Limbo Land" period.  We have a huge selection of different gifts and products at prices that are great all year round.  We also have our special offer section which is always worth checking out to find out our latest offer.  At present, our offer is a free gift to you when you buy any two gifts from the store, so it's a great way to treat yourself and get into the "January sales" mode!

Post By Dgaddy