The title says it all.  I'm a fully grown man and I have never, ever bought myself a pair of socks.  It sounds ridiculous but it really is true!  I suppose I should make it clear that I have never bought ANY socks at all, not just "new" ones - It's not like I have only ever purchased myself second hand socks rather than new ones!

When I was a child, my parents bought me all the socks that I could ever want.  From boring black ones for school through to fun cartoon ones for around the house.  When I finally grew up, I always had a girlfriend who would buy me socks throughout the year and plenty of family who would top up my collection on birthdays and Christmas.  I always had plenty of socks.

To this day, whenever supplies of socks are looking dubious, I am always saved in the nick of time by a gift of socks from someone.  The thing is, giving socks as a Christmas present is now a bit of a cliche, but the fact is that us men do really rely on these generous sock donations!  Without them, I would no doubt be walking around in a pair of twelve year old socks riddled with holes.

It is a good practical gift and if you look at our 5 day sock sets you will see something that makes the gift of socks that little bit more appealing.  These sets are designed for the working man who wants a fresh, new pair of socks for Monday to Friday that are different, yet all have the same design theme.  They also come in an impressive presentation box that makes them a real winner to wrap up and put under the tree.  They are made from a blend of 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra which makes them soft and comfortable, as well as long-lasting.

I am now keeping my fingers crossed that I have at least three people this Christmas who are giving me a few pairs of socks - I'm really low on supplies!

Post By Dgaddy