It is finally here; Friday!  For most of us that means a nice weekend and a couple of days off.  At this time of year it is a chance to get around and put up the final Christmas decorations and catch up with our Christmas shopping.  But you may also be lucky enough that the weekend signifies a short weekend trip away.

If you do regularly travel then you could do worse than check out our men's wash bags.  We have a nice selection of really high quality wash bags that are strong, durable and waterproof.  You may ask why a wash bag needs to be waterproof if you are no intending on taking it into the shower with you!  Well, I used to travel quite a lot and more than once I had a few accidents with my wash bag.

The first time, I opened my weekend bag only to find that my best shirt that I had packed for that night had been coated in shampoo.  I had obviously inadvertently crushed the bag when cramming it into the boot of my car and that had results in the shampoo bottle emptying some its contents into the washbag.  Over the period of the journey this then slowly soaked through the bag and on to my wonderful shirt!

It happened again when flying over to Spain.  This time, I don't know if the bag had been crushed or if it was just the air pressure in the plane expanding the shampoo bottle until it leaked.  Either way, I was rewarded with my best pair of jeans covered in sun cream.  Have you ever tried to get sun cream out of clothes?!  It's not easy!

So, a waterproof washbag isn't just for protecting the contents within, but is actually more about protecting your contents that surround it.  If there are any leakages then they will stay within the washbag and your other items will be safe.

We have a number of different colours and designs but if you are feeling particularly patriotic then check out this union jack washbag, I just love it!

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