Last week, I mentioned about the fact that I had piled on the pounds over Christmas but had failed to visit the gym.  Despite being a gym member, I just hadn't had the motivation to get down there but promised to do so by Monday.  Well, I forgot to mention yesterday that I did in fact visit the gym for the first time since stuffing my face.  It was hard work but it was well needed and I did feel a lot better for it!

The problem now is making sure that I continue to go.  It is all very well going once, but I need to make sure that I am down at that gym at least three or four times a week to get back into shape and shift this fat that has built up thanks to countless tins of Quality Streets and Christmas selection packs.

It comes down to motivation and so I have told myself that I will treat myself to a gift if I maintain a minimum of three visits per week for the next month.  I desperately need a new leather wallet and have my eye on one in particular that is in our leather gifts section.  So, this little treat is helping to push me to visit the gym again after I finish typing this blog post.

You should do the same, it really does help!  If you have a resolution and want to stick to it, then find a gift in our store and promise to purchase it for yourself when you reach your first milestone.  Together we can all achieve our new year resolutions!

Post By Dgaddy