Cuff links are a classic and essential part of any man’s wardrobe. They add a subtle yet classy finishing touch, or are the perfect way for his to support his favourite sports team or add a bit of humour to an otherwise serious event.

Despite this, more and more shirts are being sold with buttons instead of a hole for cufflinks. To get around this, we now stock a range of fantastic button covers. These fantastic items simply clip over the buttons on shirt cuffs, and look just like cuff links.

We have a variety of designs in stock, from a traditional porthole style….

To a must have for any football fun (Don’t worry, we have rugby fans taken care of, too!)….

And finally, a quirky design for those after something a bit different.

Button covers make a fantastic gift for any man, especially if you have a special occasion lined up soon. Tell us in the comments below if you’ve been looking for a solution to buttons on shirt cuffs, or if you’ve recently bought button covers for a special someone. We’d love to hear from you!

Post By Marc