It is so true what they say about the British, we really do like to talk about the weather.  I find myself constantly talking about how warm it is for the year, or how wet it's been recently or how Summer doesn't seem to have happened.  All the normal cliches.

Well recently I have found myself mentioning to everyone that it is now December and really things have been quite mild compared to last year.  Last year we had terrible snow in November and the whole country came to a standstill.  I in fact literally came to a standstill thanks to another driver losing control of the ice and slamming into the side of my car.  We were both fine but the cars needed a bit more attention!

Well it hasn't been so this year.  November hasn't been too cold at all and there was certainly no sign of snow!  However, things are changing and those temperature figures are beginning to fall now.  I started rooting through my wardrobe to try and find my scarves and gloves in preparation - Just like socks, I could only find one glove and for the third year in a row my scarf has completely vanished!  I get a feeling there is a thief somewhere who is incredibly warm wearing all of my missing gloves and scarves!

So, like you, it's time to start looking through the Winter Collection before it's too late!  There is plenty of stuff there to keep yourself warm but everything there would also make a lovely gift too.  So wrap up warm and prepare, because I think the headlines of "Arctic Winter heads our way" will be coming shortly!

Post By Dgaddy