Today is Boxing Day.  Christmas Day is finally over, the turkey has been given and the festivities have begun.  It is now all about lounging around for the next day or two enjoying the bank holidays and the leftovers!

The 26th December was originally called Boxing Day because many years ago it was the day that wealthy people would give their servants a box of gifts to reward them for a year of service.  The box would often contain small gifts specifically bought for them but would also often include gifts they had received on Christmas Day that they didn't actually want as well as leftovers from the Christmas dinner.

All these years later, Boxing Day is simply celebrated as an extra bank holiday and a chance to tuck into some more turkey and cold roast potatoes.  It is often filled up with a day of TV, family, games and internet surfing and is often much more relaxed than the pressures of Christmas Day.

So, if today you are having a nice relaxed day in and simply surfing the internet then why not check out the site and see everything we have to offer.  You may just stumble over something new and exciting or spot an extra gift to give to your servants (or whoever it was that cooked the Turkey yesterday!).

Post By Dgaddy