Some of you reading this are lucky enough to get a solid Christmas break, meaning that you finish work before Christmas and do not go back until the New Year.  However, it is more and more common to have to go back to work in the interim period; the 27th December, 28th, 29th and 30th.   For those of you who are usually a victim of this it is nice to know that this year today, the 27th December, is a bonus bank holiday!

Because Christmas Day fell on a Sunday we get an additional bank holiday to make up for it, meaning that today is another restful bank holiday to give you another 24 hours to gorge yourself on tins of sweets and finally finish that turkey off while watching some old films and comedy repeats on TV.

I must say that I have certainly noticed the pounds piling on over the last week so today probably isn't going to help that, however, I have promised myself that the gym is top of my agenda in the New Year....Honestly!

So, enjoy the extended Christmas break and this bonus bank holiday.  Remember that the gift-giving season isn't completely over yet so do remember to check out our wonderful gift sets that are still available at some great prices.

Post By Dgaddy