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Valentine's Day can be the most profoundly romantic 24 hours of the year, if you want it to be. With so much cynicism surrounding this holiday, our advice is this: make it your own. If you feel its too impersonal, then make it personal, and the best way to do that is with a men's gift that isn't just another shop window offer or hottest gadget, but something that will mean something. The next best thing to a homemade present, here's 5 Valentine's Day gift ideas that will from this year onwards make this holiday one of his favourite:

#1 Something Tailor Made To His Interests


cufflinks giftbox
image of Rugby Ball Hallmarked Silver Cufflinksimage of Treble Clef Rhodium Plated Skinny Tie Clip with Crystal

Men are a summation of their likes and dislikes, and luckily so. Buying for someone who doesn't have a clear cut hobby or habit can be a nightmare, since even the most obscure past time can be indulged with the right gift. At Men's Gift Company, there's a reason we've set aside a special category for 'Hobbies'; it takes you beyond an aesthetically pleasing present to something that shows you know him well. From sporting cufflinks to musical tie slides,  there's no better, single symbol of how much you cherish him.#1: Something Tailor Made To His Interests

#2: Something Tailor Made To His Style

bracesbow tiewatch box

The key to any men's gift is, regardless how popular it is to have at the moment, it must feel like something made just for him. If novelty gifts don't feel right to you, then one that compliments his fashion sense is your next best bet. As you know, we're obsesses with style Men's Gift Company, hence why you'll find plenty of Valentine's day present ideas to help him shape up to look sharp. From bright blue, silk bow ties to braces that put you at the forefront of the slacks revival, put his fashion in our hands and he won't be disappointed.

#3: Gifts That Indulge His Fantasies

As the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day is a the ideal excuse for the two of you to romanticize. Whether it's secret agents, Mad Men or a just a slightly more risqué version of himself, these fantastic gifts will let him find just the right level of illusionary grandeur for you both to enjoy.

#4: Gifts That Let Him Be The Best Version of Himself

image of Hallmarked Silver Collar Stiffener image of Brown Leather Ratchet Belt with Triple Striped Buckleimage of 1 Pair Gold Plated Armbandsimage of Solid 9ct Gold Tie Tack with Cubic Zirconiaimage of Masonic Engraved Gold Plated Tie Bar with Barley Design

If the last Valentine's Day gift idea sounded a little too...imaginative for the two of you, then perhaps a gift that takes everything real about your man and extenuates it may be more on track. Your sir doesn't have to be scruffy for a collar stiffener, ratchet belt or rhodium plated arm band to help spruce up his appearance. Furthermore, its takes something as simple as a golden tie bar or tie tac to bring out that class you already know he has.

#5: A Valentine's Day Gift That's One of a Kind

image of Woodford Half Hunter Moon Face Pocket Watch valentine's day hip flasks image of Ruby Port with Engraved Pewter Plaque

It's not hard to see why the most treasured gifts we receive are the ones meant solely for us. Whilst a handmade gift is a dream come true, an Engravable Men's Gift is equally heartfelt. Whether it's his nick, pet or real name going etched in, engraved pocket watches and hip flasks have been the go to gift with a personal touch for years, but we take it one step further with Wine Gift Sets that can contain a personalised message.

engraved valentine's day gifts

We feel so strong about engravable men's gifts for Valentine's Day, that we're offering 50% on all the engravings on selected products until the 11th of February! We hope the two of you enjoy Valentine's Day to the fullest, and that you keep an eye on the Men's Gift Company Facebook page, Twitter or Google+ for more news and gift advice.

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