It's Friday again!  Where on Earth did the week go?  Well, as with every Friday, we look ahead to the weekend and getting away from it all.

There is a good chance that you are going to be spending this weekend doing the remainder of your Christmas shopping and organising the family get togethers but if you are lucky enough to be thinking of a brief hotel stay away or maybe have a Christmas party to attend away from home then maybe you should have had a little look at our travel shoe shine kit.

There is nothing worse than going away, pulling everything out of your bag or suitcase to start getting ready and realising that your shoes are dirty or scuffed up from the trip.  This shoe shine kit includes everything that you would possibly need to make sure that those shoes are shiny and clean, ready for your big night out.

The kit all comes in a nice travel bag which has a soft black padded exterior.  It comes with a tin of neutral shoe polish, an application pad, a cleaning cloth, two buffing brushes and even a nice hand shoe horn.

The kit looks extremely stylish as well as being highly functional so it is the perfect travel gift to yourself  or a friend.

And, if you are lucky enough to have some Christmas parties away this weekend then do make sure you have fun!

Post By Dgaddy