It’s that time of year once again, the leaves are falling and the evenings are getting dark, October is disappearing in front of our very eyes; all this can mean only one thing, Halloween is on the way.

You may think that Halloween is just an American thing, or just for children, but Halloween is growing in popularity year-on-year.  We think it was best stated by the indomitable spirit that is Buffy Summers in the quality TV import that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  “It’s come as you aren’t night.”  This is a great excuse to get into the party mood, shake off the shackles of your regular identity and just have fun for the evening.

However, with a multitude of boring ghost sheets and tacky Frankenstein's monster costumes out there, what is the well-dressed gentleman to choose?


Thomas Shelby – Peaky Blinders

There are few things more gruesome than the exploits of these gritty 1920s gangsters.  Why not exploit this by dressing up in a 1920s inspired outfit, topped with the eponymous hat of the title?  If so inclined, you could even coat the edge of the peak with fake blood for dramatic effect, safe in the knowledge that this was one of the most stylist eras in modern history, so you are sure to look good.  Get practical advice by checking out our blog on how to get the Peaky Blinders style.


Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange

Not for the faint of heart, this costume is all about having fun and is sure to get you plenty of attention at any Halloween party.  A set of fake lashes, some braces and the ever dashing bowler hat will really help you to pull off this look with aplomb.


Clark Kent/Superman – Superman

Allowing you to keep your suit on and look fabulous whilst still entering into the spirit of things, a simple Superman t-shirt and an open shirt and jacket with a pair of glasses will help you steal the show as the man of steel himself.  This look is both easy and effective.


The Doctor – Doctor Who

With The Doctor being so popular right now and latest incarnations bringing the look right up to date, you can look stylish and have a ball at Halloween as The Doctor.  The advantage is that there is a wealth of Doctor Who gadgets and accessories aimed at kids that you can pick up to make this look really pop.  Choose from the Capaldi era with a long coat, Matt Smith with a bow tie and braces, or David Tennant with a pair of basketball shoes.


Robert Langdon – The Da Vinci Code

Ok, this could be any college professor!  If you own a jacket with shoulder patches, or a cardigan, thrown it on with a bow tie, grab a dusty old book and a pipe, then simply sit back and drink Scotch all night.  Quick and simple to do, and an excuse to sit and drink Scotch all night.  Perfect.


We hope we have provided you with some ideas to stay stylish this Halloween.  Have you a better costume planned?  We’d love to hear about it!  Why not catch up with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest?

Post By Sadie