Men's style is often heavily influenced by popular culture, and the movie industry has a lot of sway with our fashion sense.  If a character is well-written, stylish and just, well, cool enough than we can fall in love with them in those couple of hours.  John Travolta convinced scores of men to don white flares for nights out dancing, and it doesn't stop there.

Here is our list of of men from the flicks that we wouldn't be upset if we woke up tomorrow as...

James Bond - James Bond

The iconic Mr Bond.  Sharp suit.  Sharp wit.  Deadly cool.

Tony Stark - Iron Man

He's rich.  The ladies' love him.  He has a garage full of sports cars.  He's funny.  He's well dressed in a 'too cool for school' sort of way.  Oh...and HE'S IRON MAN!

Dickie Greenleaf - The Talented Mr Ripley

Well, The Talented Mr Ripley wasn't the only one that was after your rich, playboy, riviera style.  We all want a piece of that action.

Tyler Durden - Fight Club

Turns out the ladies' have been right for years on Brad Pitt, but we never really saw it until Fight Club.  There's something dangerous about the look of Tyler Durden that just works.  It shouldn't, but it does.  That body underneath the clothes helps too, of course!

Mr Blonde - Reservoir Dogs

To be so scary you can just sit at the back slurping down a soft drink while all hell breaks loose and not mess up your hair.  Erm, yes please.

Rick Blaine - Casablanca

The golden age of iconic style.  A time when men were men, and women loved us for it.

Alex - A Clockwork Orange

Mad, bad, and oddly seductive.  Futuristic garb is always fun and delightfully weird.  A favourite for fancy dress, if not for everyday!

Jack Carter - Get Carter

1920's style and ruthlessness, wrapped up in Michael Caine wearing the most stylish and well put together outfits possible.  And look at those massive cufflinks!

Rhett Butler - Gone with the Wind


Perfect, golden era style.  A strong man with a sharp suit with a giant cravat held with a solitary pearl cravat pin.  For everyday-wear.  Obviously.

Julian - American Gigolo

Much of this wardrobe still looks good today.  Expensive, tasteful style.  It may be paid for with dirty money, but you can't argue with the result.

and one for good luck... ( top 10's that are actually top 10's are just so cliche! )

Gatsby - The Great Gatsby

We'd be that smug if we looked like that too.  Golden era style brought right up to date.  We really hope it's making a comeback! Bowties, pocket squares, braces...bring it on.

Go on then, tell us who we missed.  Who would you like to wake up as the living embodiment of?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or catching us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.


Post By Sadie