It is well established that we take a lot of our fashion inspiration from the stars on the screen.  And, while the big Hollywood celebrities definitely do have an influence, we think that the stars of the small screen may actually have a stronger grasp on our dress sense.  Let's face it, when you are engrossed in a series, you spend hours watching and getting to know the characters.  You've only got to look at how emotionally invested we get in the latest must-see series to realise that, although big films are great, these are the characters we learn to love and stick by for the longest time.  And because of this extended play, we see them in many more outfits and many more situations, getting a much better feel for their general style than in a simple movie.

But who is the most stylish TV character?  There's only one way to find out...FIGHT!  Just kidding, it's another top 10!

10. Hank Moody  -  Californication

Shallow, disillusioned and with an effortless style with nods to a deeper, darker side, Hank Moody in Californication is the true rebel, who, in being forced to conform, is slowly breaking out.

9. Hannibal Lector  -  Hannibal

So, we all know the deep dark secret.  It is grim.  But juxtapose this madness and with a cool and debonair exterior and you have got extremely unsettling.  We look up to him for his style, but he's's so wrong it's right.

8. Nucky Thompson  -  Boardwalk Empire

A character from the golden era of style; the 1920s.  An interesting character leading a double life as a politician and a gangster, we are absolutely hooked on Nucky's story presented in a variety of bowlers and bow ties.

7. Mr Big  -  Sex and the City

So, we were never that into Sex and the City (honest!) but it's hard not to pick up some of it via osmosis when you have to sit through... what was it? 7 series' of it? Anyway, any guy that can keep women rapt for that long with his occasional, but always exceptionally well-dressed, appearances must be doing something right.

6. Schmidt  -  New Girl

He shouldn't be so well-groomed.  Honestly, the guy is a mess of arrogance and compulsions.  But the fact that he is so broken, yet so well turned out?  It's actually kind of comforting!  Maybe we don't need to have everything sorted just yet!

5. Nolan Ross  -  Revenge

He's a bit of a misfit.  A techie geek that finds himself thrown into this word of socialites and murder, but style is one thing Nolan does have!  Who else parachutes into a party? You just have to root for the guy, really.

4. The Doctor  -  Doctor Who

The hysteria over the next Doctor and what style he'll be working is already building.  By the time it comes back to our screens it will be at fever pitch.  And it's not just cos-players that will be paying attention!

3. Don Draper  -  Mad Men

A real man's man, in a time when there were no limits on what you could achieve simply with charm, ruthless attitude and simply looking the part.  With fedoras and pocket squares aplenty, the style at least can be brought into the 21st century.

2. Sherlock Holmes  -  Sherlock

And all round style winner, hints of the ethereal and a Victoriana edge make this smart look work even now.  Watching Sherlock brings back the forgotten art of dressing well no matter what.

1. Barney Stinsen

Suit up indeed!  This gentleman may well have single-handedly got an entire generation out of Transformers t-shirts.  The power of sartorial elegance done well, we salute you Barney!


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