It's the time that all Whovians have been waiting for, The Doctor is back!

So long it has been since we saw the eleventh Doctor retire to the tardis to complete the regeneration into his twelfth form, bestowed upon him by his grateful and benevolent people as gratitude for his service in the Time War, and for protecting Galifrey.

The Doctor of recent years has become a fashion icon in his own right.  The story that many of us grew up with has itself been regenerated to begin again, and inspire new minds of today with time travelling adventures (or "timey wimey stuff", if you will).

The premise of the Doctor is that of an old soul in a much younger body, and an alien to boot. With the ability to skip back and forth across time, the Doctor has witnessed many trends and can take inspiration from any time period, this allows for some very creative costuming, that is often emulated in the fashions that we see on the street as it filters into the nation's consciousness in the form of one of the most popular shows on television today.

The BBC have been quite cagey in releasing details of the new Doctor and his costume, giving us only a few glimpses and waiting for the hysteria to reach fever pitch!

But what we can see is that the look is less flamboyant than previous incarnations of the Doctor, more of a back-to-basics style.  But that makes it much more wearable!  So how can we get the look of our favourite time travelling hero?  We've scouted around the shops for you, to put together this stylish Doctor Who inspired look, perfect for cosplay, fancy dress parties, and even everyday!


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Post By Sadie