Not an obvious choice for a style watch perhaps, but with the sad news this morning that Robin Williams has been found dead, even a casual observer can note a more muted and sombré atmosphere.  

The loss of a tremendous talent, Robin Williams had the gift of making people laugh.  And this is something that we all love him for.  Despite his considerable talent for so-called 'serious' acting, who doesn't watch Mrs Doubtfire when it's on bank holiday television, even though you've seen it a hundred times or more?  And we bet you still laugh.  We do.

Robin Williams was a man of character, and this was something that was often shown off, not just in the way he acted, but also the way he dressed.


You never quite knew what Robin Williams was going to do!  Vibrant colours, braces, hats, a bouffant...anything was possible!

Although he did enjoy making people laugh, and doing the unexpected, he had a serious side too.  And he scrubbed up well when it was necessary, but what we really respected about him was the way he did so.  Knowing that his personality shone so brightly, and that to encase it in dull and drab clothing wouldn't work for him, Robin Williams dressed up with this own inimitable style still on display.  He used interesting colours, patterns and textures in unusual ways to express his individuality, even at smart events.  And a clever use of accessories to grab attention.


Robin Williams had the most character of almost anybody in showbiz.  He lit up a red carpet with the light in this soul rather than flashbulbs.  And we thank him for every moment of laughter he gave to us, whether in his films or watching his unpredictable interviews!  He will be sorely missed for his talent, his style and his personality.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams




Post By Sadie