Jared Leto is just one of those people that you love to hate isn't he?  Not only is he handsome, but he's also a great actor, oh and he's a rockstar too.  The only man sweet enough to appear at the Oscars taking his Mum and brother as his guests, to watch him scoop the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

Of course, the ladies have been following Jared for some time, since he was a disgustingly beautiful floppy-haired youth in the very 90's TV show My So Called Life

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Weren't the 90's grand chaps?  Were all you needed were a pair of ill-fitting jeans a white vest and lumberjack shirt to be at the fore-front of fashion.  Except of course, that it took a very special someone to look good in that particular get-up...

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Taking a more unconventional route to stardom, when it would have been so easy to rest on his looks and be cast as the love interest in every late nineties romantic comedy, Jared Leto choose a string of challenging roles for the next few years.  These were often minor flops, but his talent, determination and willingness to change his appearance for a role became obvious, especially in Prefontaine (as pictured above) where he played the long distance runner in question.

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In 1998 Jared Leto started the band 30 Seconds to Mars with his brother Shannon.  The band are still going today, and have had great success with a blend of alternative music that combined prog rock and emo.  The eyeliner and dark clothing have been used to perfection for a more dark and brooding look to match the music.  Both film and music careers took off, and always seemed to have a darker and more unusual edge that is matched in his styling.

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In 2007 he gained 62lbs for a film role, from the buff body on the left to the more sombre figure on the right.  He soon pinged back into shape, but this shocked the image-obsessed in Hollywood to the core!

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Unafraid, he has since lost 30lbs for his role as a transgender woman battling aids, becoming scarily skinny for his craft, the role for which he was recognised at the Oscars.

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Scrubbing up well despite the body trauma of weight gain and weight loss, and pictured here at the Oscars with his loving family, still going against safe style!  Picking a optic white suit and bright red bow tie and pocket square to really make a statement.

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