The critics are positively buzzing about the release of Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck.  The movie centres on the disappearance of Affleck’s character’s wife, and the media circus that ensues when it is suspected that he is not as innocent in the matter as he claims.

However, our focus was entirely on Ben Affleck himself at the premier of the movie during New York Film Festival.


One for the working man that prioritises his career; Ben Affleck not only turned up looking striking in a very on-trend and beautifully fitted blue suit, but was also one of the few stars there, missing George Clooney’s nuptials in Venice, to promote his latest film.


With data from John Lewis released last month showing that blue suits are currently outselling black, Ben Affleck’s look is channelling the heart of fashion at the moment, going for a blue look that is suave and sophisticated, but not your average formalwear style.


If there is one thing that we would criticise though, it is the lack of accessories.  We are, of course, rather biased, but accessories can really make a look grand.  If we were styling Mr Affleck, we would have added a beautiful tie slide, and a crisp pocket square to really set off this precise and clean look.


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Post By Sadie