There's definitely something odd going on.  Never before has a British detective drama got the ladies all hot under the collar, but it seems that Sherlock (yes, Sherlock Holmes!) is doing just that.  The BBC drama is bang-on-trend right now, and whether you think this is due to the story itself, the groundwork laid by an achingly cool Robert Downey Jr in the Hollywood version, or the offbeat charm of Benedict Cumberbatch, we want a piece of it!

With a dapper but slightly 'out-of-time' Victoriana approach to styling, both of the latest versions of the super sleuth have been well dressed and debonair, but without that dull 'off to my sister's wedding' feel that can often plague the sometimes limiting world of menswear.

Not sure what we mean?  Let messrs Law & Downey Jr explain...

A bit too 'Hollywood' for the streets of good ol' Blighty?  Think again...

So how do you get the Sherlock look to make the ladies weak at the knees, without a costume department at your disposal?  It's surprisingly simple.  With just a few key pieces, (and you may be lucky enough to have a few of them tucked away in your 'occasion wardrobe' already) and some well chosen Men's Gift Company accessories, you can recreate this suave and sophisticated look with ease.

Please note:  We do not guarantee that creating this look will turn you into Sherlock.  We do, however, maintain that it will make you look fabulous!

Will you be trying out Sherlock style?  We'd love to know what you think.  Better yet, let us see your take on this look by showing us your photo's on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest!

Post By Sadie