We can’t wait for the triumphant return of Peaky Blinders to our screens tonight!


With critics raving that it is the British version of the equally brilliant Boardwalk Empire, for those that have missed out on the first season, it really is a must-watch.  Set on the mean streets of Birmingham in the 1920s, the action centres around the activities of a notorious gang that, without going into too much detail, are famous for their hats and ingenious brand of violence which combine to make them a force to be reckoned with.


One of the main reasons that we are so captivated by the visuals of this series though, is the look of the fashions displayed on the screen.  Although grittier than its Hollywood counterpart, Boardwalk Empire, the look of the age is a stunning one, and we find that it often steals the show.


This is the classic 1920s gangster style but done with British understated charm.  Think long coats flapping in the breeze as they walk away from a crime scene.  Imagine bold patterned shirts with pristine white collars to keep away from the spilt blood.  Visualise pulling out a pocket watch to ensure you are still running on time after an unfortunate bit of bother from the rozzers.  It’s all about the style of the era, and Peaky Blinders has it in spades.


Of course, the important thing to take away from this is the lost art of dressing well in everyday life (although this particular everyday life is somewhat exceptional!).  Grab yourself a pocket watch for flair, a pair of cufflinks for sparkle, a pocket square for emphasis and a hat for creating mystique, walk tall and proud as a man of the modern world that has taken style advice from the golden age of men’s style!


What do you think of Peaky Blinders?  Would you like to see a return to this sort of style for the man on the street?  Join the conversation with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest .  We’d love to hear from you!

Post By Sadie