Balancing style, fashion, functionality and comfort is a tricky business.  We all want to look great, preferably not in clothes that wouldn't look out of place on our eighty year old grandad, but most of us still have to go out to work in the cold whilst carrying our wallets, laptops, phones and everything else.

So how do we do all that?

Well, however you decide to strike this delicate balance, here are just a few things you may want to avoid...


1. Overdoing The Cologne

 Every girl who ever went to school can tell you exactly when the boys became aware of the masterful tool that is cologne.  Largely, because corridors needed to be navigated whilst using the sleeve of a blazer as a gas mask.  We blame those well-known adverts that suggest a cloud of cologne will cause women to drop at your feet.  It should be noted that they might, but because of asphyxiation, not desire.

2. Garish Belts

Nothing ruins a look quicker.  We are all for personalisation, and by all means add some character to your outfit.  But a frayed, comic hero canvas belt on a pair of smart trousers simply doesn't make us think you have super powers.  It makes us think you got dressed in the dark, mistaking your teenage brother's belt for your own.  Pick one of our stylish belts that won't ruin your image, and move on.

3. Bum Bags and Ridiculous Backpacks

 Anyone feel the need to channel the style-god that was Mr Motivator? No?  GOOD!  We know you have stuff to carry, we also know that pockets are not always enough, but there is no excuse for this.  Nor should you be wearing the same old, flea-bitten backpack you've had since you were a student.  Try one of our stylish genuine leather bags instead.

4. Nobody needs the whole pot of Hair Gel

Well groomed, yes.  Greasy, wet and slick? Please, no!  You remember Ross from Friends with his permanently 'wet-look' hair?  It does no one any favours.  And women do not want to run their fingers through that, they'd have to wash afterwards, if the water wasn't repelled by all the oil...

5. Socks and Sandals

Alright, so we don't get this one on any level.  If it's so hot you want to wear sandals, why on earth do you want to wear socks?  We all like socks, but they are for under shoes.  Practically a mythical item, we all know they exist, but they shouldn't be proudly displayed like this.  Especially these lovely white knee-highs.  Socks are more of a personal source of fun, a small act of rebellion that only you know about, like our fabulous socks! Maybe this look would work with our nicer socks, but we really doubt it!

Do you agree or disagree with our list?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!  Maybe you could even upload a picture of yourself rocking one or all of these looks to our Facebook or Twitter to prove us wrong.  Come on, we dare you!

Post By Sadie