Although the weather hasn't quite turned here in England yet, the fashion world is already thinking about what to wear for the upcoming summer season.  If summer 2013's surprise heatwave is any indication, we'd better be prepared this time, just in case the mercury heads on up into the 30's again, we don't want to be stuck in, rather sweaty, wintery pieces!  Not to mention, there's always that catwalk for the stylish man to keep up with...

With that in mind, here are our top 10 essentials for summer 2014...

1. Statement Trousers

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We brought horror into the introverted male's dreams by reporting on this catwalk trend in our previous blogs.  Sorry, fellas, this one is here to stay!  Not for the faint-hearted, but extremely fashion-forward, make sure the rest of your look stays neutral and wear them with pride.

2. Shoe Liners

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With a trend for bare ankles and shins, a sock liner is a simple way to keep up with the fashion pack, without having to bin your shoes after one warm day!

3. Espadrilles

Number 2 starting to make sense now?  That's right, it's the return of the espadrille.  Lightweight and perfect for summer, especially when worn with a nautical inspired piece.

4. Pocket Square

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The pocket square was all over the awards season festivities.  Get practicing your folding technique with one of our handkerchiefs now!

5. Blue is the Colour

Blue was all over the catwalks.  And this look can be worn in formal settings, or to a summer wedding with ease.

6. Lapel Pin

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Why should it just be the ladies that get to sparkle.  Lapel pins are a great way to add some personalisation to your outfit.  Take a look at our selection of lapel pins to get in on this look.

7. Tailored Shorts

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Pharrell can make even an oversized mountie hat look cool, but these tailored shorts look chic for summer, and mean we don't have to sweat uncomfortably if a hot spell happens again!

8. Skinny Ties

The celebs have gone mad for skinny ties in recent years.  Offering a streamlined silhouette these ties add a touch of cool sophistication to any smart outfit and can be paired with our simple skinny tie slide.

9. Floral

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A great way to welcome the warmer weather, without resorting to the dreaded hawaiian shirt!  Add a little or a lot depending on how bold you want to go.  You could even just bring the spring into a regular suit with our floral cufflinks...

image of Sunflower rhodium cufflink

10.  All White?

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It's a powerful look.  And it's maybe not one to wear if you are a messy eater!  But the all white look with some bright accessories, like Jared's red bow tie, will certainly ensure all eyes are on you.

What looks will you be trying this season? Let us know by leaving a comment below or catching up with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest.

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