It's that time of year when everybody is getting ready for their various Christmas parties and festive social engagements.  We do love a good party.  But while the women in the office have been discussing hair and nails for the office party for months, in typical roguish style the men have left preparations slightly later!

So, what do you wear to the Christmas party?

It's a good question.  The office Christmas event is always a tough one to sound out.  We spend a considerable amount of our lives with our colleagues, but in when at work our persona tends to be a more muted version of ourselves.  Tempered with rules, regulations and dress codes, it's not an ideal place to really put yourself out there fashion-wise.  Not to mention, we tend to fall into that rut of getting to bed too late, snoozing the alarm one too many times and throwing on whatever is easy, comfortable and to hand in the morning before rushing out of the door.  But the Christmas party is the place to shine, to really show what you are made of, and, dare we say it, how good we can look when we've made a bit of an effort.

Smart Casual for the Individual in all of us

Smart casual.  It's quite a subjective term!  And one that office parties tend to brandish around like a well-thumbed pack of Polo's.  If you, like most, have to dress in smart business wear for work, that casual part can be a lifeline.  Nobody wants to turn up in their same old suit.  Thankfully, what is bang-on-trend at the moment is an eclectic mix of smart pieces accenting comfy, favoured casuals.  A casual checked shirt paired with jeans and battered boots?  Alone it's a bit low-maintenance, but styled with a smart waistcoat?  Fabulous!  If you fancy yourself a bit lone star sheriff, a pair of cowboy boots with a tonally matched waistcoat will really up the ante on this look.  Alternatively, biker boots and a leather cuff will have the ladies swooning over your bad boy image.  All while keeping the boss quiet!

Smart Wear for the Dapper Gent

You can still have plenty of fun with a smart dress code though!  Why not try channeling a dapper gent from a bygone era of style?  Three piece suits, with shiny winkle-pickers and a trilby will certainly make a statement that oozes poise.  Why not add a pocket watch for a fantastic accent piece?  Or some cufflinks and an ornate tie slide to really dress up the look?

image of Woodford Half Hunter Moon Face Pocket Watch image of PS3 Controller Cufflinksimage of Engraved/Centre Space Hallmarked Sterling Silver Tie Bar


Casual and Fancy Dress

We haven't gone mental, honest! The onesie is without a doubt the runaway trend of this year.  And with so many versions, you can be anything from Spiderman to Stewie from Family Guy.  And you will easily be the most comfortable person at the party! Whilst maintaning it was all for everybody else's amusement of course! Or why not try out the look made popular by Matt Smith as The Doctor?  Easy to replicate, simply don a bow tie and a pair of braces and to steal a bit of The Doctors offbeat cool.

We hope we've given you some inspiration!  Why not show us what you wear to your Christmas parties by sharing a photo with us on Facebook or Twitter?  We'd love to see your style!

Post By Sadie