With the roads becoming ever more congested and the air ever more polluted, more and more of us are choosing the humble bicycle as our mode of transport.  Quite aside from environmental concerns, this fun hobby that doubles as transport is an excellent way of getting us desk-lurkers outside in the fresh air at least for a few minutes each day.  And if the exercise means a couple more office biscuits guilt-free, then we are all for it!

One of the things that can put potential cyclists off is the clothing.  But cycling isn't all loud prints, spandex and neon colours these days!  In fact, with so many celebrities enjoying cycling, it has undergone something of a style revamp.



As you can see, no Mr Motivator inspired get-ups here!  With celebrities such as Josh Hartnett leading the charge, cycle wear is being kept to the essentials.  Simple colours and designs that can be worn interchangeably with parts of your everyday wardrobe.

Designers are even working on businesswear that can be changed to cycle in comfortably.  Reports of waterproof suit jackets and tailored pencils skirts for the ladies that open up with the aid of a zip for easy pedalling.

And with more offices providing showers and changing rooms for employees, there really has never been a better time to get out there, especially now that you know that your image need not suffer!

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Post By Sadie