It isn’t an easy task to dress fashionably while playing sport. However, men's golf clothing has always seemed quite similar to what guys are wearing off the course at that particular time. Nowadays, men who play the game are generally more conscious of their clothes on the course, but like mainstream fashion, there's always a few faux pas. If you're going to spice it up, you needn't try too hard to stand out, simply read this first!

Keep It Real

If you wouldn’t wear it off course, you shouldn’t wear it on. That means no hideous loud patterned prints that are an eyesore for anyone.

Build Your Golf Wardrobe Around Simple Garments
If you stick to the classic polo shirt, you can’t go far wrong. Whether your shirt has a logo or not, it is a smart and elegant choice that is renowned for being iconic golf-wear. Not only will you be formally dressed, but a polo shirt will allow you to show off some bicep!

Be Careful With Colours

Choose your chinos wisely as they will be the first thing spectators spot from the other side of the golf course. However, a great way of adding colour to your outfit is through vibrant golf gloves which can look great with an otherwise understated look.

Accessorise With A Hat
With such a wide variety of hats ranging from sun hats, to golf caps, to waterproof hats, there is something for everyone. Take some of that old-school gentleman inspiration to the course like this great photo of Chi Chi Rodriguez.

 Avoid Buckles

Big buckles are not a great look, especially if you're carrying a little extra weight. It may draw attention to your torso and make you look even bigger. Instead, opt for something slim and flattering, like a plaque slide buckle belt or a ribbon belt for a shot of colour.

Don’t Forget About Your Shoes
More obvious than you think, your choice of trainers can make a significant difference to your outfit. Keep them sensible and trendy without too much colour, but most importantly make sure they are the correct size and comfortable.


And Here’s How Not To Do It…

 Tiger Woods at the US Open in 2000

An oversized shirt and pleated trousers is certainly not a great combination. A shirt that fits and some simply designed trousers should suffice.

 Ian Poulter at the 2009 British Open

Poulter should be admired for his patriotism and bravery, but this outfit is definitely not an accomplishment to be proud of. A Union Jack waistcoat cardigan and red tartan trousers inspired by a pet blanket do not make a professional outfit.

 John Daly at the Italian Open 2009

You can barely recognise Mr Daly in this photograph as his outfit blends in very well with the greenery. Complete with a green shirt (we’re glad that it’s colour co-ordinated), it would be better if he was invisible.

It seems that golf is played by a bunch of folks with questionable taste. You don’t have to be one of them. We hope this short blog will help you with your wardrobe decisions when playing golf. Remember to keep it simple, like a true professional.

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Post By Ruby