With summer gearing up, we are getting ready for all the important life events that the longer evenings and warmer days bring.  For a lot of us, that means a festival or two.  With festivals now widening their grasp, they are no longer exclusively the preserve of those that never shower! There are festivals for everything from all the different music genres, to food and drink.  Indeed, we all like to find and mix it up with like-minded people, and enjoy sunshine and freedom, if only for a weekend.

But how do you stay stylish in a field?  Especially when you only have a tent to get ready in?  And what is festival fashion anyway? Is there such a thing as Men's Festival Style?

In recent years, with more and more people going to festivals of all sorts of different types, a curious branch of fashion called 'Festival Style' has emerged.


Usually characterised by a nod back to the grungy, 'hippy' roots of the original festivals, this very casual style has to be about utility and practicality, as well as fashion. Men's festival style is often layered to allow for extremes of summer weather, with boots in case of mud-baths, there is definitely an art to looking good at a festival.


Accessories are the key to personalising your look and making it look more put together and intended, rather than rolled out of the tent and down the mudslide backward.  Layer all your favourite accessories around your wrists, neck, ankles, or wherever you have a space!  Beaded and braided jewellery in natural colours is a winner for festival style, as it doesn't get hot and burn you in the sun, or rust in the rain.


We have a great new selection of Cudworth Hardware Jewellery that captures this look
perfectly, is durable enough to survive the festival, and look edgy peeking out from under your shirt at work the following week!


Hats are the accessory of the moment, not only festival chic, but helping you to avoid sunstroke too.  You do NOT want to be ill when all your friends are having fun and your only respite is a portaloo which is also being using by, literally, thousands of other people! Keep shaded and cool in an on-trend fedora instead.


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Post By Sadie