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Men’s fashion can be quite an unpredictable beast. It can be hard enough to know what's the best thing to wear outside the house, but anyone plugged into the current men’s style scene will need to tip toe around many other potential manly manholes, such as what’s acceptable for a black suit and tie event, to the best way for a style-conscious guy to express his love of good threads without being pigeon-holed into hundred different boxes. Even the notion of what can be considered too ‘revealing’ for a man is a rapidly changing concept, and that’s what this blog intends to focus on: 6 of the recent changes in men’s fashion, and the ever-revolving culture that surrounds it.

More Men's Fashion Shows

For a long time, the comparative lack of avenues for men's fashion designers to show and have models strut their stuff has been the subject of ire for many journalists and commentators. But as you may recall from our blog listing the biggest men's fashion dates for this year, the arrival of New York's first menswear-focused fashion week means this day of reduced dapper is coming to an end. Global sales of luxury menswear grew faster than sales of women's between 2010 and 2014, meaning more and more resources are slowly going to be devoted to the gent's half of the industry.

Dressed Down Suiting

Up until the 21st century, there was a pretty striking line between formal and casual. As reflected in recent-period dramas like Mad Men or Masters of Sex, the notion of dressing down your suit and tie was unthinkable. Now it's possible to retain the old-school country club charm of Gatsby with the comfort of Ferris Bueller, and whether that's achieved via the mainstream arrival of the 'Short Suit' or coupling a pair of jeans with your suit jacket, now is the best time to fancy it up whist keeping it casual.

The rise of Unisex Clothing and Style

Whilst this recent change in men's fashion, in its current form, may be something reserved for the cat walk or the more high end wearers, the fact that a fluctuating state of sexuality has any presence in the men's fashion world is a fact worth noting. Will everyday guys actually ever wear skirts or off-the-shoulder shirts? With the current gender identity revolution being help up by a small few, it's not likely to be soon, but considering a similar shake up of platform brogues and clutched purses happened 20 years ago, who knows where this androgynous path will go?

Men's Fashion YouTube Channels?

A men's fashion commentator, critic or style guide guru is not often a highly touted career path, yet with the advent of vlogging its actually becoming a lucrative hobby for many knowledgeable gents. It's easier to stay on top of men's fashion when you have a friendly face feeding you the latest trends, and the current flux of men's style Youtube Channels give you easy-to-digest tutorials for everything from Men's Shoes (from Alpha M.) to applying beard oil - like a boss!(from The Beard Baron).

The Ebb and Flow of Beards

Few areas of men's style best resemble a swinging pendulum than the humble facial hair, but as it turns out, there's a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for this. As reported by the BBC this time last year, a study published by the Royal Society journal Biology Letters concluded that the fashion-ability of beards was determined by their frequency. Once a 'peak beard' is reached (the actual language used), then the trend tilts towards less bristled chins. Simply put, both beards and clean shaven faces become more appealing when they become rare. Go figure.

The Attitude to Men's Style

The one thing more apparent than the various trends or preferred styles that come and go is the actual attitudes people have towards men dressing well. The bottom line is that men have become increasingly more comfortable with what they wear and in taking care of themselves, to the point where what might have been suspected as too feminine is now considered a solid symbol manhood. How men view their own style can be seen in everything from the collected covers of Esquire to the speed at which even men's jewellery is becoming a valuable market, and its one comfortable trend worth keeping an eye on.

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