To some, a simple plain button-up is the stuff of high school uniforms or church services. To the initiated gent, they are a blank canvas with which you can add oodles of style with minimal effort. From figuring out how you’ll wear your collar to knowing what additions you can add to the buttons or cuffs, there’s plenty of ways to style a plain white shirt, and we’ve listed 5 that you can pull off at a moment’s notice.

Button Down Shirt Collars

Shirt collars themselves are a heavily overlooked, underutilized part of the garment. Whilst it serves a function first and foremost, the way in which you wear a collar can say a lot about how you like to be perceived. Button down collars boast several style advantages; they tend to be much softer, they make the collar as a whole more visible and you can always wear the item unbuttoned for an informal look.

Short Sleeves

With the 1950’s, James Dean and the rock’n’roll look, the short sleeved plain white shirt had forever cemented itself into men’s fashion. An essential ingredient to a summer travel look, by adding a pair of navy shorts and flip-flops you can create an essential July ensemble that you simply can’t get away with any other point in the year.

The Classic Ensemble

You think formal, and you think plain white shirt with tie. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re trying to nail the genuine businessman look, or want to get smart without overdoing the extras, adding a pair of perfectly fitted black trousers lets you achieve a sleek combination. Of course, you can always roll up the sleeves and lose the tie if the event wasn’t quite as high-profile as originally expected.

A Suit Specifically for Summer

This July, you’re probably going to find yourself at the odd wedding or three, all of which will offer their own chance to experiment a bit when it comes to matching your plain white shirt with a suit. One of the hotly touted tries for this year is an off-white evening suit, with which you can contrast the colour with a grey or patterned tie, and a mature dark brown belt. Add a pair of suede or distinctively brown shoes, and you’ll easily top the best dressed list.

Accessorising up a White Shirt

Lastly, we come to the little extras that let you spruce up a white shirt. Cufflinks remain an enduring favourite purely thanks to their versatility; you can go for a plain precious metal, a highly flashy stone or something more novel that reflects your own taste. In terms of underrated accessories, button covers offer a great alternative if your wardrobe is lacking in cuffed shirts, and be clipped on securely for a subtle, flashy finish.

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Post By Nicole Sage