It's finally here, the season we spend all year waiting for in England, it's summer!

With the Met Office predicting a heatwave and the sun high in the sky it seems possible that July is going to be kind to us.  With longer days and lighter evenings, we can go out and do more with our limited leisure time.  And (hopefully) the weather should be kind enough to us that, even if we aren't lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climes for a tropical holiday, we should be able to get a bit of vitamin D.

A time to break out the summer wardrobe isn't always a cause for celebration though.  In some cases that you see walking around the streets at this time of year, it's downright scary!  So we bring you the illustrated guide to Men's Summer Style Fails...


Socks and Sandals

If it's hot enough to wear sandals,
you don't need to wear socks.  The end.  Now stop it!



Man Cleavage

We are big fans of a nice V neck, it elongates the neck beautifully!  But, is it just us, or is fashion going a bit too far with it now?



Utility Shorts

They have toggles to attach your spear fishing equipment and a zipper so they work, not just as shorts, but also trousers?  Sorry, no.  Unless you are spending summer trying to outlast Ray Mears in the jungle survival stakes anyway...


Sportswear at all times

Going for a jog or having a kickabout?  Then those Adidas shorts you last wore for school PE circa 1999 are fine.  Going out for brunch dressed head to toe as a pro-basketball player?  Not fine.




It's not just men that are guilty of this one!  Can we please, please just burn all the crocs left in the world?




Tanline-reducing Garments

We all saw the male swimwear (or lack thereof) The Only Way is Essex boys think we should wear to reduce tanlines.  But no.  Tanlines aren't so bad compared to that.  At least you can see how brown you are!




If you have the body of Adonis go for it!  If you have the body of Onslow, however...




Cut-up jeans

Step away from the scissors!




Beach - yes.  Tesco - NO!!



Refusing to Leave Winter

Jumpers and trenchcoats are not for these temperatures.  And you will stink after an hour.  There is just no need.  However much skin you are comfortable with displaying, there is a summer outfit for you!



Thanks to a well-known advert for introducing us to that term!  Unless you are an olympic swimmer and steamlining is very important to you, leave the Speedos alone.  Especially those with the loud patterns.


Hawaiian Shirts

Are you Elvis?





We understand the convenience.  But at best, you'll look like a particualrly 80's tourist.  A worst, you'll look like Mr Motivator.  Buy a stylish bag from our selection instead!





If David Beckham was mercilessly ridiculed for it, you will be too.



What do you think?  Have we been too harsh on the boys of summer?  Will you be rocking any of these looks?  We'd love to hear from you!  You could even send us a picture to see if we will eat our words when faced with your style!  Catch up with us by leaving us a comment below, or catching us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest

Post By Sadie