It's that time of year where everybody seems to be starting to rush around planning their holidays.  Whether a tropical break that has been booked since this time last year, or a last minute city break to the med, by the time you've got all the annoying paperwork and insurance ready, it seems you've barely got two minutes to actually get yourself ready. And when you are on holiday, you get to be the super stylish version of you that you wish you could be all the time, so the ante is very much upped. So how do you travel in style?

Here are our top tips for jet setting gents:


You will always meet somebody you know at your local airport.  Fact.  And if you are flying from a central international airport, you may even bump into a celebrity too.  Not to mention all the lovely ladies letting their hair down at the bar before the flight.  Now, do you really want to be seen with a 80's patterned reject of a suitcase you borrowed from your mum and an old backpack covered in biro from your school days?  Thought not.  Consider splashing out on a matching set which will see you through for years.  Hard shelled versions will help keep your luggage intact even through the most vicious of baggage handling, and you can even get silk lined versions to help prevent creasing and snagging.



Something that is always left to the last minute.  Because men don't need to take much in the way of toiletries, right?  WRONG! Suddenly in the middle of the pharmacist, you realise that, actually, you need shower gel, shaving gel, moisturiser, sun cream, insect repellent, bite cream, razor, aftershave.... and it all has to go somewhere....and much of it has the propensity to leak all over your new summer wardrobe.  A nice washbag will not only help you through this dilemma but it helps you keep everything together on your trip too, rather than having products all over the bathroom.  Not to mention, there is nothing that makes you feel quite as 'together' as having all your essentials neatly stashed into a smart bag.  The effect is somewhat different if you are using supermarket bag for life.

Top tip: I actually own three washbags.  One contains the big containers of shower gel and shampoo, one for razors and hair and face lotions and potions, and one for first aid bits and pieces I hope to never use.  Compact, simple and prepared!  Take a look at The Men's Gift Company's range of washbags in handy sizes for all occasions.


Keeping Trim and Tidy

Especially on holidays of a week or longer, you will need to consider grooming touch ups on the fly.  We aren't suggesting that you start packing all your electronics from home (imagine all the excess baggage fines!) but a simple manicure set takes up little room and weight and can be used for a multitude of things.  From trimming the odd snagged nail, to pulling an errant hair these simple tool kits will do the job.  Not to mention if you don't take one you will find everything you need scissors for immediately, even if it is just trimming a pulled thread on your jacket! Check out The Men's Gift Company's manicure sets for the gent on the go...




Chances are, the modern man will have a few accessories he will want to take with him.  But how to keep them safe and protected through aforementioned baggage handling / Heathrow amateur boxing practice?  Why, a beautiful accessory case of course! With specially designed cushioned compartments for watches, tie slides, cufflinks and jewellery, these cases help to keep your valuables protected and organised during your trip. The Men's Gift Company stock a great range of accessory cases to suit all your requirements.



Capsule Wardrobe

The art of simply making sure that your pieces work together in various combinations.  If you can take two pairs of trousers that will work with four different tops and two pairs of shoes, you have sixteen different outfits!  It saves space, it saves weight, and it's just travelling savvy.

Top Tip: Always leave more space free than you need in your suitcase.  For one thing, you'll never get all your things back in the way they were in the first place, and it leaves you room to bring back that Mexican wrestling mask you've been coveting...


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Post By Sadie